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AHU Cleanroom
AHU Cleanroom
AHU Cleanroom
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Specification of AHU Cleanroom

AHU Cleanroom

AIR HANDLING UNIT (AHU) is a tool used to arrange and distribute air as cooling, heating, ventilation for rooms or machines connected with Ducting (Common Funnel) commonly used for indoor cooling, malls, hospitals, factories, Clean room Operation and storage room for food and medicine (sterile room) . Our fabrication machine AHU (Air Handling Unit ) standard and AHU Cleanroom (Pre Filter, Medium Filter, Hepa Filter) AHU Cleanroom usually used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospital, laboratory, etc. that requires a level of humidity (RH) and temperature.

Capacity and design can be mengikti request from customer.


Engine warranty of 12 months.

Serving the entire shipment to Indonesia.

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