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PT. Sumber Wahana Teknik (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Our company is engaged in the field of refrigeration, among others are:
1. Air Handling Unit (AHU).
2. Cooling Coil:
• Evaporator Coil
• finned Heat Exchanger
• Shell and Tube
• Repair and retubing
3. Chiller:
• Water Chiller
• Water Chiller
• Cold Storage
4. Compressor Hermetic and Semi Hermatic
Our company serves the purchase and installation throughout Indonesia. We give warranty for all our products and supported by experienced technicians.
For further information please contact us:
Tel: 081282878847, 081213300453, 02135999088, 02180240555
Email: or
visit us: http: / /


Menjadi Perusahaan di bidang HVAC Termaju dan Terdepan Untuk Indonesia


Memeberikan Pelayanan Optimal Dan Menjangkau seluruh Indonesia



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